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Sourcery lets you share resources with collaborators online and off. Export your conversations to PDF for in-class reference or simply discuss relevant resources on the web.

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Sourcery queries traditional channels such as the New York Times as well as modern media outlets such as YouTube to jumpstart the research process based on your topic.

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About the Team

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Meredith Edwards

I’ve spent the last two years teaching middle school English in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I came to coding after falling in love with programming by way of Stanford’s online Computer Science 101 course. What excites me most about programming is creating applications that help individuals and communities solve problems.

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Madeline Ford

I studied Human Evolutionary Biology in college, and after a year in the field of market research am excited to embark on a career as a programmer. Born and raised in NYC, I love a good bagel, as well as traveling and playing with my French Bulldog.

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Tracy Lum

I’ve dabbled in basic web design since the early 2000s, but it wasn’t until recently that I began taking online coding courses through edX, CodeAcademy, and Skillcrush and decided to take the plunge and become a bonafide developer. Prior to Flatiron, I managed marketing and production at a podcast network and website.

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Jim Rectenwald

I was born in Pittsburgh and studied Geology at Cornell, where I was on the rowing team. After college, I taught math and science to high school students in North Carolina. I enjoy watching Pittsburgh sports, eating classic Polish food, and, of course, programming.